Nancy DeCaul is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, an entrepreneur, an event planner and has the heart for community services. As a mother, Nancy has guided and continues to guide her three children Renee’, Shani and Jelani both mentally and spiritually as they become mature adults. As a first-time grandmother, Nancy dotes over her grandson Jaiden, and continually covers him in prayer.

Nancy enjoys managing the family construction business with her business partner, and husband, Ian DeCaul. Married in 2013, Ian and Nancy are still considered newlyweds; but to many, it seems as though they have been married for 15 years because of their cohesiveness, and ability to walk as one. When Nancy is not running her family business or spending quality time with her husband and children, she devotes time to serving the Father as a member of the Majestic Life Ministries Hospitality team for Special Events. Nancy has a servant’s heart, and strongly believes in giving back to her community through programs like “Fall Into Fabulous” and “The Blended Family Forum”. She can relate to the women who participate in these program because of her own previous life experiences of being a divorced, unemployed single mother. Her second love of service, is working side by side with one of her best friends, Spiritual “Little Big Sister” and founder of “I AM Traci Wade”. Traci is her “Ruth”, as she is Traci’s “Naomi”; together they equip men and women with the knowledge to begin bridging the gap of broken families, and steps to start rebuilding strong family units within our community.

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